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The Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club shoots competitions every Sunday (9am muster for 9.30am start) at the Ravenshoe Shooting Complex located on Cemetery Road in Ravenshoe. Competitions are shot at distances of 300, 400, 500, 600 yards and 700 & 800 meters with one distance shot each week. We shoot several categories of rifles: Target Rifle, F Standard, F Open, F/TR, Service Rifle and Field Rifle. The Club welcomes everyone who would like to come and try our sport. For more information contact: rc.ravenshoe@gmail.com

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Following the F Class National Teams shoot in Brisbane 10th to 11th August 2015 where North Queensland was placed 2nd in F/TR and 3rd in F Standard and F Open over seven other F Class National Teams, eight Ravenshoe shooters stayed on to contest the QRA Queens.
Prior to the Queens, there was the Brisbane Rifle Club’s OPM on 8/8/15, where Murray Wilson claimed the 500 range in FSA, and the Metropolitan District Rifle Association OPM on 9/8/15 where Murray took out the 1000 yard range and 4th Aggregate (in FSA) and Liz Wilson the 1000 yards and 3rd Aggregate (in FSB). Then the lead-up to the Queens, the Duncan, started on 12/8/15. This had 37 FA, 22 FB, 57 FO and 30 FTR shooters and comprised 300, 500 & 600y on Day 1. Liz Wilson won 1st range medal for 600 with a 59.4 and Day 1 aggregate badge in FSB. Day 2 was 900 & 1000y. Liz got 7th Duncan Badge in FSB.
Then on Friday, 14/8/15 the competition started in earnest in the QRA Queens with seven Highlanders attending. Target Rifle numbers were down due to many top shooters competing at Camp Perry in the USA. 73 TRA, 42 TRB, 8 TRC, 46 FSA, 27 FSB, 60 FO and 40 F/TR competed. A great increase in F-Open and an excellent F/TR contingent. Day 1 was made up of 300, 500 and double 600 where competition was fierce and possibles were the order of the day. Liz won a Day 1 aggregate coming 2nd in FSB.
Day 2 expanded the ranges to 500, 800, and double 900. Kevin Chatfield came 1st at 500 with a commendable 60.8 and 2nd at 900 with 57.1 and a 2nd Day 2 aggregate in FSA. This was well deserved under incredibly changing wind conditions.
Day 3 comprised 900 & 1000 yards. Kev kept a cool head and was victorious at 900 with a 60.6. Mick Wood did well to score 59.3 in FSA. Kate Chatfield also did well with a 57.4. At a 1000 yards Liz Wilson managed to take out FSB with a 54.4.
Considering our numbers, Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club certainly made our presence felt with FSA winners being: Kevin Chatfield 1st Queens Badge; Kate Chatfield 8th Badge. Congratulations Kevin on a great effort for your 1st Queens. Chris Allman took 9th Badge in F/TR. Liz Wilson took out 6th Queens Badge and 2nd Grand Aggregate Badge (Total of Duncan & Queens) in FSB.
All in all it was a great competition. The weather held off with rain (except for Day 2 of the Duncan where a 600y shoot had to be cancelled due to delays with rain). The camping sites & facilities were good, the meals were great and most of all good camaraderie was the order of the day. We all hope to do even better next year.
Full results available at www:nraa.com.au/results.

Kevin Chatfield: 1st F Standard Queens Aggregate

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