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The Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club shoots competitions every Sunday (9am muster for 9.30am start) at the Ravenshoe Shooting Complex located on Cemetery Road in Ravenshoe. Competitions are shot at distances of 300, 400, 500, 600 yards and 700 & 800 meters with one distance shot each week. We shoot several categories of rifles: Target Rifle, F Standard, F Open, F/TR, Service Rifle and Field Rifle. The Club welcomes everyone who would like to come and try our sport. For more information contact: rc.ravenshoe@gmail.com


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Results Sunday 29 July 2014

K & K Chatfield kindly sponsored today’s shoot at 300 yards. Sunny with light winds. Results for double 300, 10 shots comp. Target Rifle – J. Kuchel 98.9, S. Durham (Mareeba) 95.6 (21 shots). FTR – J. Anderson 117.8, M. Wilson 85.3. F Open – P. Burg 118.12, Y. Burg 116.8, G. Venables 113.4. F Standard – B. O'Reilly 119.9, Kath Chatfield 118.8, M. Wood 117.8, Kev Chatfield 116.7, K. Randolph 112.6, C. Allman 112.5, P. Padgett 112.3, B. Gianasi 110.3, L. Wilson 108.2, M. Wilson 107.1, J. Pavils 95.2. Field rifle - B. Ingledew (visitor) 55.1 (half round).
Congratulation to all the Cairns OPM winners, check it out at ravenshoerc.blogspot.com.au

Next weekend most of our shooters we will be competing at the Mossman Open Prize Meeting. Next shoot in Ravenshoe will be on Sunday 13 July with Double 400 yards (8.30 am start).


The Cairns Prize Meeting was held over 21st and 22nd June 2014 at the Cairns Rifle Range, Wangetti Beach. A good turn up of around 41 shooters (13 from Ravenshoe) enjoyed warm weather, if often- times a fickle wind prevailed. The first day was 300, 500 and 700 metres and Sunday’s matches comprised 700, 800 and 600 metres. There were some great scores recorded with Peter Burg, Kevin and Kate Chatfield achieving 2 possibles and Betta Gianasi, Mick Wood and Chris Allman with one each.
On Day 1 Yvonne Burg won 300m in FA and Peter Burg won 300m in FO. For 500m Kevin Chatfield won FA and Betta won FB. At 700m Mick Wood took out FA and Chris Allman FB. The Day 1 Aggregate was taken out by 1st Kevin Chatfield, 2nd Mick Wood, 3rd John Lorimer (Townsville) in FA. In FB Chris Allman scooped the pool with John Farmer (Townsville) 2nd and Arthur Simpson (Mareeba) 3rd. In F-Open Peter Smith, Dave Stewart (Herberton)and Peter Carter (Cairns) excelled.
On Day 2 at 700m Kate Chatfield came 1st in FA; Chris Allman in FB. At 800m Chris Allman took out FB. At 600m Jason Kuchel was 1st in TR1 and our adopted Mareeba shooter, Steve Durham, was 1st in TR2. Yvonne Burg was 1s in FA and Kevin Randolph in FB. The Daily Aggregates were: Jason Kuchel 3rd in TR1; Steve Durham 1st in TR2; Kevin Chatfield 3rd in FA; Chris Allman 1st, Kevin Randolph 2nd in FB and Peter Burg 3rd in F-Open.
Grand Aggregate winners: Jason Kuchel 2nd TR1, Steve Durham 1st TR2, Kevin Chatfield 2nd and Mick Wood 3rd FA and Chris Allman 1st and Paul Paged 3rd in FB.

A great effort by our Ravenshoe shooters – hopefully to be repeated at the Mossman shoot.

Grand Aggregate winners (left to right): Chris Allman, Peter Smith, 
Steve Durham, Elliot Ross and John Lorimer

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Results Sunday 15 June 2014

Ravenshoe Tyreright kindly sponsored today’s shoot at 400 yards. Rainy day with light winds. Results for double 400, 10 shots comp. Target Rifle (21 shots total) – S. Durham (Mareeba) 100.6, J. Kuchel 98.11. FTR – J. Anderson 110.6. F Open – G. Venables 119.8, P. Burg 118.10, Y. Burg 116.5. F Standard – Kath Chatfield 119.11, Kev Chatfield 118.5, B. Gianasi 116.4, C. Allman 115.9, M. Wood 114.8, L. Wilson 112.8, P. Padgett 110.4, K. Randolph 108.4, M. Wilson 106.2.

Next weekend most of our shooters we will be competing at the Cairn Open Prize Meeting. Next shoot in Ravenshoe will be on Sunday 29 with Double 300 yards (8.30 am start).

Monday, 9 June 2014

Results Sunday 8 June 2014

Ravenshoe Hardware kindly sponsored today’s shoot at 500 yards. Due to the persistent rain we shot a double 10 shots Fly and Group competition at 500 yards. Results of the Fly shoot: P. Burg 158.3, M. Wood 149.3, L. Wilson 146.6, Kev Chatfield 143.1, G. Venables 138.1, B. Gianasi 131.2, M. Wilson 123.1, Y. Burg 117.1, K. Randolph 111.2, C. Allman 109.1, J. Anderson 104.1, P. Padgett 94.2. Results of the Group Fly shoot: P. Burg 4.014, M. Wood 4.145, Kev Chatfield 4.167, P. Padgett 4.402, M. Wilson 4.406, G. Venables 4.414, B. Gianasi 4.568, C. Allman 4.779, Y. Burg 4.993, L. Wilson 5.204, J. Anderson 5.236, K. Randolph 5.462.

Sunday, June 15: Double 400 yards (8.30 am start).

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Results Sunday 1 June 2014

Bertoldo Electrical kindly sponsored today’s shoot at 600 yards. Overcast with light rain and tricky winds at times. Results for double 600, 10 shots comp. Target Rifle (21 shots total) – S. Durham (Mareeba) 101.4. FTR – J. Anderson 109.3, P. Padgett 106.3. F Open – G. Venables 117.7, P. Burg 116.9. F Standard – Kath Chatfield 118.7, K. Randolph 116.5, B. Gianasi 115.7, Kev Chatfield 115.6, M. Wood 114.4, Y. Burg 113.7, M. Wilson 113.5, C. Allman 112.4, L. Wilson 112.3.

Sunday, June 8: Double 500 yards (8.30 am start).