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The Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club shoots competitions every Sunday (9am muster for 9.30am start) at the Ravenshoe Shooting Complex located on Cemetery Road in Ravenshoe. Competitions are shot at distances of 300, 400, 500, 600 yards and 700 & 800 meters with one distance shot each week. We shoot several categories of rifles: Target Rifle, F Standard, F Open, F/TR, Service Rifle and Field Rifle. The Club welcomes everyone who would like to come and try our sport. For more information contact: rc.ravenshoe@gmail.com

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club Prize Meeting

Written by Liz Wilson, photo by Chris Allman

North Queensland and Tableland shooters gathered on the October long weekend to contest the Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet annual Open Prize Shoot at the Ravenshoe Rifle Club.  The weather was very sunny and warm (at times a bit too much so) with changeable moderate winds. 
Day 1 comprised three 10 shot matches at 300, 400 and 500 yards over six disciplines incorporating Target Rifle (peep sites) and F Class (telescopic sites).  At 300 yards both Target Rifle Divisions started in earnest with Eric Christie (Townsville) and Charles Forster (Cairns) on a tied score, with Eric winning on count-back in Division 1 and Frank Chester counted out Dudley Ford (both from Mareeba) in Division 2.  Saturday’s winners were Bob Hawkins (Townsville) in Target Rifle Division 1 (TR 1), Dudley Ford Target Rifle Division 2 (TR 2), Peter Burg (Atherton) F-Open, Travis Kohn (Atherton) F Standard Division 1 (FS 1), Jordan Drew (Cairns) F Standard Division 2 (FS 2) and Mark Azzopardi (Cairns) in F/TR.
Sunday’s shoot was two fifteen shot matches at 600 yards.  The winners for Day 2 were Jason Kuchel (Atherton) in TR 1, Rick Mischlewski (Mossman) came 1st in TR 2.  FS 1 was taken out by Jim Blomfield (Bowen), while newcomer, Jordan Drew won FS 2.  Garry Venables (Cairns) won F/TR and Peter Burg took out F-Open.
Overall winners in the Grand Aggregate were Jason Kuchel, Bob Hawkins by 5 super centres from Eric Christie (Townsville) in TR 1.  Dudley Ford, Peter Barry (Cairns) and Rick Mischlewski in TR 2.  Peter Burg, Howard Simpson (Ayr) and Philip Azzopardi in F-Open.  Travis Kohn, Jim Blomfield and Ravenshoe’s own Mick Wood in FS 1.  Excellent results for first-timers Jordan Drew and Joan and Peter Munro (Townsville) in FS 2.  The F/TR winners were Garry Venables, Mark Azzopardi and Betta Gianasi (Ravenshoe). Lance Matthews (Townsville) attended his first prize shoot and was awarded an encouragement award.
Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club would like to thank Mayor Joe Paronella for presenting the Grand Aggregate trophies, Mitre 10 and Cec Condon for their generous support.  Sandra Wood and her band of merry helpers (the bullet cake went down a treat!) did a magnificent job catering, while Betta did a great job keeping the scores updated.   Thanks must also go to Jason Kuchel, Paul Padgett, Dudley Ford and Jim Blomfield for their great Range Officer duties.
Full scores can be accessed at www.nraa.com.au .  The Club conducts weekly shoots at 9:00am on Sundays.  You would be most welcome to come and try.  Contact Captain John Anderson, 4097 6670.

From left to right: Travis Kohn, Dudley Ford, Jordan Drew, Garry 
Venables, Jason Kuchel (at back), Peter Burg and Mayor Joe Paronella

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