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The Ravenshoe/Mt Garnet Rifle Club shoots competitions every Sunday (9am muster for 9.30am start) at the Ravenshoe Shooting Complex located on Cemetery Road in Ravenshoe. Competitions are shot at distances of 300, 400, 500, 600 yards and 700 & 800 meters with one distance shot each week. We shoot several categories of rifles: Target Rifle, F Standard, F Open, F/TR and Sporting-Hunting. The Club welcomes everyone who would like to come and try our sport. For more information contact: rc.ravenshoe@gmail.com


Sunday, 2 May 2021

Results for Sunday 2 May 2021

Overcast morning in Ravenshoe with rapidly switching winds. Results for double 600yds are as follow: F Standard – M. Wilson 115.4, L. Wilson 113.2, A. Conde 111.3. F/TR– B. Gianasi 117.8, J. Househam 113.6. Sporting/Hunting: S. Karamitos 70.

Sunday, May 9: Double 600 yards or 600yds and 800m combined (weather permitting). 9am muster for 9.30am start. 

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Results for Sunday 4 April 2021

Overcast morning in Ravenshoe with light rain at times. Results for double 600yds are as follow: F Standard – L. Wilson 115.5, M. Wilson 113.8, P. Padgett 108.2. F/TR– B. Gianasi 112.2.

Sunday, April 11: Double 600 yards or 600yds and 800m combined (weather permitting). 

The 2020 Club Champions will be competing for the District Championship in Atherton. 

Monday, 22 March 2021

Results for Sunday 21 March 2021

Results of double 600 yards 10 shot match on an overcast Sunday with some famous

Ravenshoe ‘mizzle’ and a very slight breeze:

F/Open: Garry Sandilands 114.6

FTR: Jason Houseman 113.7

F/Standard: Paul Padgett 119.10, Alex Conde 115.6, Liz Wilson 106.3, Murray Wilson 98.3

Sunday, 14 March 2021

2020 Club Champions

Medals and shields were presented today to the 2020 Club Champions: Murray Wilson for F Standard, John Anderson for Sporting-Hunting and Betta Gianasi for FTR.



MURRAY WILSON               95.90%

Liz Wilson                               93.64%

Incomplete shoots: Paul Padgett (2 shoots)



BETTA GIANASI                   97.15%

Chris Allman                           96.15%

Jason Househam                     91.63%

Incomplete shoots: Garry Sandilands (8 shoots), Paul Padgett (1 shoot)



JOHN ANDERSON                98.38%

Incomplete shoots: Jason Schimdt (9 shoots), Matt Peacock (3 shoots)



Incomplete shoots: Paul Padgett (5 shoots), Chris Allman (2 shoots)



No shoots

Results for Sunday 14 March 2021


Sunny and hot morning in Ravenshoe with switching winds gusty at times. Results are as follow: Target Rifle at 600yds & 800m – S. Durham (21 shots) 98.4. F Standard at 600yds – L. Wilson 112.3, M. Wilson 109.3, P. Padgett 93.2. F Open at 800m - G. Sandilands 107.2. F/TR at 800m – B. Gianasi 114.5, J. Househam 110.4, C. Sporting-Hunting at 600yds: J. Anderson 96.3.

Sunday, March 21: Double 600 yards or 600yds and 800m combined (weather permitting).

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Results for Sunday 7 March 2021

Results for double 600yds. F Standard – L. Wilson 114.5, M. Wilson 113.5. F Open: G. Sandilands 110.5, P. Padgett 103.1. F/TR – C. Allman 119.7, B. Gianasi 114.6, J. Househam 113.6, C. Househam 107.2. Sporting-Hunting: J. Anderson 97.11.

Congratulation to Curtis Househam on a good result at his first attempt at long distance rifle shooting.

Sunday, March 14: Double 600 yards. 9am muster for 9.30am start. Club meeting and 2020 Club Champion presentation will follow the morning shoot.

Results for Sunday 28 February 2021

The Prize Shoot at Mareeba having been cancelled due to inclement weather conditions, we shot double 600 yards under overcast conditions with minimal winds.

F/Open: Paul Padgett shot a 15 shot match with a result of 83.5

FTR: Jason Houseman 116.5, Garry Sandilands 112.4, Stephen Durham 106.5

F/Standard: Murray Wilson 117.8, Liz Wilson 115.7

Hunter Class: Alex Condon 91.4